Example: Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich

As a writer with three international bestselling titles, Eberhard Zangger has personally gathered extensive experience between 1992 and 1999 working with media. In “Der Spiegel” alone, six large articles and a cover story appeared detailing his projects.

At science communications, we manage the production of books within the confines of our mandates. Regula Sigg and Eberhard Zangger collaborated, for example, to compose a small book about the Hotel Bodenhaus and the history of Splügen.

A special book arose out of the mandate with Society in Science, a fellowship administered by the ETH Zurich. The ETH belongs to the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), a society made up of ten leading research universities worldwide. A meeting with IARU members provided the perfect opportunity for ETH representatives to increase awareness of Society in Science among their peers. We decided to produce a book that also contained digital content to deliver the information. With 16 high-resolution panorama photographs, originally taken for the fellowship’s website, we developed a photo book. As this book has no visible bindings (a so-called flat book), the panorama photos of scenes around the ETH Zurich are able to achieve maximum impact. Short texts describe the fellowship and the intentions of the ETH. On the inside back cover is a USB memory card complete with videos and articles about the fellowship.

Photography: Rainer Spitzenberger, Munich
Printing: Linkgroup, Zurich
Binding: Buchbinderei Burkhardt, Mönchaltorf
Implementation of the digital elements: Intovision Media Productions, Zurich

This is only one example for a book. Please contact us for more samples.

Flat book

Society in Science Flatbook

Flat book

Society in Science Flatbook with USB card

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