Communications Planning

We are convinced that all components within public relations should belong to an overall communications strategy and concept. The order of the individual measures follows a logical chain, in most instances beginning with a workshop to define strategy, contents and measures.

For the redevelopment of a corporate identity the process could include: reconsidering the company name; designing a new logo; developing claims, slogans and key images; formulating key messages and composing general text; developing and implementing a website concept; preparing a CI/CD manual; adjusting templates, signatures, stationary and business cards; replacing signage; drafting advertisements; developing a corporate video.

As a part of the strategy realization, we develop a communications plan specifying the individual measurements for the upcoming months. All elements, such as workshops, planning meetings, media releases and professional articles, as well as responsibilities are scheduled. In this way both we and our clients have a thorough overview of completed and planned activities.

Up to now, our agency has completed every project within time and budget and to the client’s utmost satisfaction.


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