Communications Strategy

Example: Swissair Trial, Bülach

A communications strategy provides the framework and sequence of all the activities required for public relations. The strategy can be developed for an entire company or for specific tasks and will contain aims, target audiences, messages and activities to achieve the communication objectives.

During the Swissair trial in Bülach, the largest court proceedings in Switzerland’s history, 19 members of the ex-board of directors and management were each represented by a business lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer. The most prominent members sought additional support from communication experts. We developed a strategy to remove our client from the firing line of the media. At the same time his lawyer conducted several meetings with journalists, to provide them with background information and to explain the complex case. These actions resulted in a noticeable shift in the tone of the media coverage. In the end, all the accused were acquitted and compensated for their expenses.

This is only one example for a communications strategy. Please contact us for more samples.

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