Concept Development

The work of a communications agency can be compared to that of an architectural firm. Both consistently implement individual measures (for example we deliver a media release, they deliver plans for a kitchen renovation), and an overall concept should stand behind each of these measures. Just as a building has a specific function, so too does a company’s communications.

Concept development is a particular strength of our agency, and we have had the opportunity to deliver this for most of our clients. The process is highly interactive. The client brings their personal perception of the company along with their knowledge of the industry, while we bring general knowledge of the marketplace, the principles of communications, experience in various sectors and the outsider’s perception of the company. Most often we host half-day workshops to define the concept. Themes covered in the workshops include SWOT analysis, the definition of the positioning and unique selling propositions, the goals of the company and the communication methods, target audiences, messages and specific activities.

Example: Hotel Bodenhaus – before and after

Hotel Bodenhaus Lobby

science communications GmbH