Crisis Handbooks

Example: A Law Firm

Fire brigades practice rescue operations for a reason. When it comes to implementation, every person needs to have a handle on the situation. For them and for companies, what the FBI says about their own work holds true, “Proper prior preparation prevents poor performance.”

Damage typically experienced in crisis situations is often made substantially worse by unskilled communications. It is therefore necessary to be prepared for the undesired and unthinkable. A crisis handbook created beforehand, detailing responsibilities and procedures, can be invaluable. People responsible for establishing the crisis team, and those who manage the crisis operations, are determined beforehand. Checklists help ensure that nothing important is overseen. Media work and contact to journalists are also pre-defined to some extent.

In order to improve their crisis management capabilities, a large Swiss law firm wanted to provide all partners with a handbook. We composed a 50-page document which detailed the fundamentals of crisis prevention and communication, examples from known crisis events and their resolutions as well as fictional crisis scenarios. Should an actual crisis occur in a similar way to these scenarios, we defined the procedures and points of contact. The text should ensure, above all else, that a crisis is dealt with calmly and with coordinated communications.

This is only one example for a crisis handbook. Please contact us for more samples.

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