Crisis Management

Example: CEO moving on

Every decision carries exceptional importance in crisis situations. Neither prior knowledge nor standard processes suffice to come out of a crisis intact. The goal of crisis management is to restore normality as quickly as possible. We have always been convinced that crises should be de-escalated from the beginning, and so far we have achieved this with impeccable success. As a result, our clients stay out of the limelight at a time when they prefer discretion – and so do we.

The CEO of a public global enterprise had just master-minded a successful turn-around, when the president of the board of directors began initiating a new corporate culture. Our client was thus determined to assume a different post. We advised him over a few months very discretely and made the arrangements for a smooth transition. The situation could have easily escalated, since the opposing party, fearing a potential reputation loss, had engaged an international communications agency. In the end we succeeded to make a clean transition with transparent communications and without any leaks. The media showed understanding, and the reinforced CEO could take up his new position.

This is only one example for crisis management. Please contact us for more samples.

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