Crisis Scenarios

Example: A Law Firm

The sky is the limit for our imagination when it comes to inventing situations that, arising suddenly and unexpectedly, could cause companies severe damage. Possible scenarios range from elemental damage such as fire, flooding, earthquakes or building collapses, through collateral damage resulting from sudden illness or an accident of someone in leadership, power failures, data or internet outages, misdemeanors, media scandals and questionable clients, to imminent and unwanted takeovers. For crisis prevention it is useful to have worked through such scenarios at least once.

Without ever having experienced a crisis previously, a Swiss law firm wanted to prepare themselves for possible reputation risk situations. We developed multiple fictitious, although realistic, crisis scenarios and compiled a detailed report containing causes and solution procedures, communications and reactions to the management of the crises. Finally the crisis scenarios were role-played in order to test out processes and reactions.

This is only one example for crisis scenarios. Please contact us for more samples.

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