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Editorials are very personal in that they communicate only the opinions and viewpoints of their authors. Guest authors of editorials contact us for manuscript editing, or in times of urgency to compose the entire text.

Branco Weiss, entrepreneur and venture philanthropist, supported research in Switzerland and elsewhere throughout his life. From his sickbed he expressed a wish to communicate the beliefs and convictions that lie behind his initiatives through a personal newspaper article. We used manuscripts, meeting minutes and the knowledge gathered in numerous discussions with Branco Weiss as a basis for the editorial text, which we composed in his name. The manuscript expressed his views so accurately that he did not change a single word. It appeared two months before his death in the feature pages of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”. Three years later, Stanford ethics professor Rob Reich together with three co-authors reflected upon similar ideas in the book “Occupy the Future”.

This is only one example for an editorial. Please contact us for more samples.

NZZ article - August 25, 2010
NZZ article on August 25, 2010

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