Employee Surveys

Example: A Consultancy Firm

Employees are the most valuable resource when a company is looking for suggestions to improve internal processes. Systematic employee surveys are therefore a goldmine for internal optimization. Of high importance is that the survey is completed confidentially, ideally through an external third party. In the past we have used both personal discussions and standardized questionnaires, and it is with the latter that we gain optimal results.

A leading Swiss consultancy firm wanted to assess their 400 employees’ satisfaction with the company, whilst gaining insights and suggestions for internal process optimization. We developed three questionnaires for the management and the company’s employees, combining both qualitative and quantitative questions. The entire management and two thirds of the employees sent their responses back to us for compilation. The resulting 50-page document contained clear analysis of the situation complete with numerous, easily deliverable, suggestions for improvement. The employees then saw that their recommendations were taken seriously.

This is only one example for an employee survey. Please contact us for more samples.

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