Claims, Slogans

Example: A Law Firm

Most of our clients are corporate businesses addressing enterprise clients (B2B). When compared with consumer marketplaces (B2C), the B2B segment places less emphasis on corporate identity. Emotive messaging tends to be rare, despite increasing expectations that companies market themselves in this way. Clients more and more expect a professional appearance from their vendors, to the point where the small family business is supposed to appear equally slick as a global brand. We often develop such corporate designs for small and medium enterprises.

A crucial component of a company’s professional appearance is achieved through claims and slogans. We developed them, for example, for a large law firm. First we identified the claims of 150 law firms from all over the world and then drafted 20 new suggestions. The two managing partners of the firm chose four of them, which were then presented to all 40 partners. In order to achieve a quantifiable result, the partners rated each claim with two, one or zero points. Thus we were able to show the approval for the four suggestions in a diagram. During the same inquiry, suggestions for slogans were discussed and evaluated. They now appear in the form of subtitles in the brochure and subpage titles on the website.

Graphics implementation: Prime Communications AG

This is only one example for claims and slogans. Please contact us for more samples.

Excerpt from the company brochure


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