Social Media

Example: Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich

Hardly any other theme in communications is generating as much discussion right now as the use of social media. Social media strategies are often utilized to address a new client generation for consumer products. Specific groups can be directly targeted through channels like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

The ETH Zurich, owner and administer of Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, is challenged to find applicants for the personal grant from around the world. The fellowship addresses outstanding young researchers who have recently completed a PhD.  As a communications agency we have the task of inciting applications from as many nationalities and research disciplines as possible. Hence, we address a very small target audience that is thinly spread out across the globe. Social media has a significant place in our concept. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were used to increase awareness and to open opportunities for two-way conversations. The social media strategy employed targeted not only candidates, but also research institutes and key influencers such as job portals. Through this the ETH has gained a completely new communications channel to become engaged in conversations with interested parties worldwide. In addition we are able to discover further relevant institutions through contacts on social media platforms, and may send them supplementary information through traditional channels.

This is only one example for social media activities. Please contact us for more samples.

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