Example: Green Datacenter AG, Lupfig

Corporate image videos are a popular instrument in corporate communications, since they transmit values nonverbally. Small projects such as CEO interviews are done by us completely in-house. For larger productions we develop the script and narration in German and English. We also suggest suitable production firms, negotiate the fees and accompany the shooting. If interviews are needed, we conduct them. Our work sample documents that we prefer a contemporary style for videos rather than talking heads.

In collaboration with Intovision Media Productions, we developed a video about the greenDatacenter Zurich-West. In order to emphasize Green’s values and considerations, we produced a film that includes a number of facts, but still leaves ample room for emotional pictures. It focuses on Switzerland’s advantages as a safe haven for corporate data. The pictures support the messages visually, without understating the complexity of the topic. Computer graphics symbolizing data streams reinforce the narration. To increase the viewer’s curiosity, the data center itself is only hinted at.

Implementation: Intovision Media Productions, Zurich

This is only one example for a video. Please contact us for more samples.

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