Example: ETH Zurich, Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control

A flyer conveys information in a compact form that usually refers the reader to further information and provides a contact address. In a way, a flyer, leaflet or pamphlet is an extended business card.

Professor Raffaello D’Andrea from the Institute of Dynamic Systems and Control at the ETH Zurich needed to convey his highly complex research projects to a variety of audiences. As a solution we recommended a three-tier concept. Firstly, double-sided A4 flyers communicate the principle ideas to a general audience. Secondly, Professor D’Andrea’s personal website deepens the understanding of his work to those more interested. As the third stage, the institute’s website delivers information to researchers seeking out specific details. As a first step, we developed the layout and composed texts for approximately a dozen flyers.

Graphics implementation: Carolina Flores, Zurich

This is only one example for a flyer. Please contact us for more samples.

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