Time and time again Eberhard Zangger is requested to deliver lectures on scientific and communications topics at both scientific forums and service clubs. Between 2005 and 2011 he has been an annual speaker at the winter seminars of the Max Planck Society held in Klosters, a seminar set up and lead by Nobel laureate Prof. Manfred Eigen. Along with Prof. Eigen, approximately 45 Nobel laureates have presented lectures there. In 2010 Eberhard Zangger was also the keynote speaker at the Inkop conference, organized by CIOcolloquium, in Istanbul.

Selection of lecture topics:
– Why communications are more difficult today than before – and more powerful
– The information politics of Switzerland’s largest banks from their clients’ perspective
– Climate Change – Fact or Fiction?
– Tracing a so far uninvestigated civilization in Western Turkey

These are only examples for lectures. Please contact us for more samples.

Inkop 2010, Istanbul


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