Example: Hotel Bodenhaus, Splügen

Effective company logos combine letters and images in clever ways. Concise and easily recognizable, a logo functions as a distinguishing mark for a company. We help with the design of logos and entire corporate identities for our clients in collaboration with graphic designers.

The almost 300-year-old Hotel Bodenhaus in Splügen appeared ill-fated for a long time, until it was taken over by new owners in 1999. To increase bookings and guest volumes the owners sought a new all-encompassing concept for the hotel. In 2003 we recommended unveiling the character and qualities of the original building. For nine years we have accompanied the re-launch and the step-by-step renovations of the hotel. From the start the new concept meant Hotel Bodenhaus required a new logo. The Art Nouveau typography is derived from the building façade, as illustrated in the photographs taken around 1900. We also proposed ideas for a new slogan, from which “Splügen – where paths meet” was selected. The red frame surrounding this slogan was picked up by the interior designer and subsequently used for feature walls.

Implementation: Visuelle Gestaltung Heinz von Arx, Zurich

This is only one example for a company logo. Please contact us for more samples.

Splügen – where paths meet

Hotel Bodenhaus Logo

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