Media Training

Example: School of Law of Lucerne University

In meetings with journalists, it is essential to provide precise answers while taking into account the respective medium (TV, radio or print). Good preparation helps to give confidence and will thus have a positive effect on the outcome.

The School of Law of Lucerne University had chosen the topic “Talking to the Media” for their annual retreat 2012. The large multiplying effect of the media – and the many blunders we encounter in the press almost every day – justified fathoming the principles of dealing with media enquiries and interviews. An active media training was the central component of the event.

The 25 professors were divided into three groups. They were then individually confronted with questions on subjects of current legal interest that were presented by a real journalist. We analyzed the records together and went through second and third takes until each participant and the moderator were pleased with the results.

This is only one example for a media training. Please contact us for more samples.

Media Training

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