Offering Brochures

Example: SMA and Partners, Zurich

Despite the growth of the Internet, brochures have by all intents and purposes maintained their significance within the communications mix. Once a personal contact is established, potential clients often appreciate receiving a physical item that helps them recap the conversation. In our view a brochure is able to demonstrate in an emotive and informative way that the vendor offers plausible solutions and an understanding of their client’s issues.

SMA and Partners is a consulting and software company for the planning and optimization of railway systems. Central to this is Viriato, a unique timetable system developed by SMA. In fall 2012, SMA launched a new version of the software. We developed a comprehensive brochure lucidly explaining the components and functions of the complex application, and visualizing them with a number of screenshots. The layout adheres to the corporate brochure which we composed at the same time. Both brochures are illustrated with photos from important railway stations in Europe and the US.

Implementation: Eggmann-Design, Wernetshausen

This is only one example for an offering brochure. Please contact us for more samples.

Viriato – Software for railways

Viriato - Software for railways

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