Example: SMA und Partner AG, Zurich

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most common visual aids used to support oral talks. Fortunately layout and design of the average presentation has significantly improved in recent years. When PowerPoint was first released, it was, to some extent, enough to have a clear outline and a unifying design in order to stand out from those who overdid animation effects. In order to differentiate oneself today, more than just restraint is required. We favor those presentations of the same ilk as perfected by Steve Jobs; slick, emotive slides combined with minimal text.

To give a good presentation, the speaker needs to simplify complicated matters in a useful way. Often he or she would want to illustrate connections with graphics and charts. Providing these is a particular strength of our agency. With SMA und Partner AG, a consulting and software company for railway system planning, we developed a PowerPoint library consisting of over 100 slides including many animated 3D graphics. One matrix shows, for instance, the challenges of potential clients based on customer segment and planning period. A second chart illustrates in the same coordinate system the appropriate solutions that SMA offers.

Implementation: Eggmann-Design, Wernetshausen

This is only one example for a presentation. Please contact us for more samples.


Powerpoint SMA


Powerpoint SMA


Powerpoint SMA

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