Press Conferences

Example: Dr. Bettina Stefanini

Press conferences are especially useful if one aims to inform comprehensively about a decisive change. They offer an opportunity for our clients to meet face to face with the media. We take control of the entire planning process, from the selection of the venue to drafting and distributing invitations, all the way to the preparation of presentations and practicing the interview situation.

In September 2014, Dr. Bettina Stefanini (49), the daughter of the Winterthur real estate tycoon Bruno Stefanini (90), turned to the Swiss media because the trustees of her father’s Foundation for Art, Culture and History had amended the deed behind her back. Bruno Stefanini had determined that one of his descendants takes over his place to determine future trustees should he become inept. The current board of trustees wanted to cancel this right.

At the time of the press conference the media had been reporting about this incident for ten days already. The press conference ended up lasting two and a half hours and it resulted in multi-page articles in the press. Among the attending media were Swiss national news agency SDA, Keystone, NZZ, Tages-Anzeiger, Swiss Radio and Swiss television. The regional daily newspaper Der Landbote reported in a cover story how two bombs had exploded during the press conference: Swiss authorities had questioned the ability to make accurate judgments of Bruno Stefanini due to his age – and his daughter presented plans to open up a museum in her hometown Winterthur for the art treasures of her father’s collection.

This is only one example for a press conference. Please contact us for more samples.

Bettina Stefanini

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