Press Conferences

Example: Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich

When it comes to organizing press conferences we take control of the entire planning process, from the selection of the venue to drafting and distributing invitations, all the way to organizing catering. Press conferences, however, are not always the best communication instrument to gain attention so we also offer advice on alternative options.

In October 2012, the ETH Zurich convened a press conference to announce a generous donation of Dr. Branco Weiss. The entrepreneur and philanthropist, who died in 2010, bequeathed an estimated 100 million Swiss francs to Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, which was founded by himself and belongs to the ETH since 2011.

We organized the press conference together with the ETH Zurich and invested much time into careful preparations. From the search for convenient premises to the editing of the speech just before the event, about three months went by. We developed presentations for three screens to be used in parallel, advised and supported the speakers regarding their slides and composed information kits for media representatives. We conducted a follow-up on the invitations and organized the world-wide distribution of a press release to 22 000 media. After the presentations a lively discussion between representatives of ETH and the media showed how much interest had been stimulated.

This is only one example for a press conference. Please contact us for more samples.

Tages-Anzeiger, October 24, 2012

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