Professional Articles

A professional article is vendor-neutral. Therefore, authors of such articles cannot state their own company’s name or products within the text. As a result the question why anyone would want to indulge in the labor of writing such an article is often raised. In our view, a discrete appearance conveys more competence than a bold one. The authors expose their company affiliations next to their name, thus unveiling thought and opinion leadership. In addition, authors are free to post the articles on their own websites or hand them over to potential clients in meetings. Ghostwritten, professional articles are based predominantly on primary information provided by specialists that we interview in person before composing the article independently.

We have written countless articles for companies in the technology and telecommunications industries, particularly software developers and system integrators. As a part of our work, we place the manuscripts in the trade press.

Advertorials are different, since the client has purchased editorial space to present its products and services. In such cases, even the client’s logo may appear. Even in advertorials we make an effort to put the emphasis on information that is beneficial for the readers. For Centris AG, an IT services partner for medical insurances, we wrote an advertorial about a certified data collection point for a secure handling of patient data, that was published in the magazine “Schweizer Versicherung”.

This is only one example for professional articles. Please contact us for more samples.

Example: Centris AG, Solothurn

Fachartikel Centris
Schweizer Versicherung, June 2013

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