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science communications
science communications is a communication agency in a broader sense, as our offerings go above and beyond straight media work and include for instance marketing components. Our agency is lean, personal and above all capable. The team currently consists of Dr. Eberhard Zangger, Regula Sigg, Alessandro Monachesi and Dr. Andrea Heyde. Our profiles complement each other, hence we can address an unusually broad spectrum of tasks. Clients will consistently receive results that represent the combined effort of four communications consultants with different backgrounds.

Customers seeking advice in communications often expect recipes for success from their agencies. We tell them that we only know recipes for disaster. Success is most often based on a skillful combination of strategy, hard work and adaptability.

If we look back on our agency’s history, however, some rules seem to appear that may have helped us succeed. They led to eleven years of continual business growth and to a number of international awards. An imperative factor for success has been that from day one we have only taken on work for companies whose products and services have personally convinced us. In addition, we try to adopt the end consumer’s perspective by putting ourselves in their place. We usually seek simplicity and at the same time aim for the highest quality. We want to makes our clients’ lives easier. And we aim to deliver homogeneous results that contribute to the success of our clients.

We prefer to work with external designers, web agencies and photographers, so that you will never have to depend on one creative idea from a single in-house source. If you are anxious to keep established external specialists, we will integrate them into the project.

Our scope of work is determined by the needs of each client. We undertake public relations work in Switzerland, the German-speaking countries, in Europe and throughout the world.

science communications also acts as the bureau of the Luwian Studies foundation that aims to shed more light on the 2nd millennium BC cultures in western Asia Minor.

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