Franz Grüter, CEO,

Since we began working with science communications, our media presence has significantly increased. With wisdom and brilliance the team supports us daily in all aspects of the press and communications work.

Mathias Seiler, Head of Design and Marketing, Girsberger

The competencies science communications possesses stretch far beyond classical PR work. The team delivers work for us which would normally require two or more agencies, to our complete satisfaction.

Dr. Matthias Oertle, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin

science communications redesigned our corporate image. They were strong in the analysis and skillful in the implementation.

Angela und Willibald Löschl-Burkhardt, Owners of Hotel Bodenhaus

We have successfully worked with science communications for over nine years. Both the concept and the appearance of our hotel were developed by this agency and realized jointly with us and other specialists. It did not take long before the occupancy rate of the hotel doubled.

Dr. Eric Haymann, Partner, Froriep Renggli

science communications is a consistently reliable partner when it comes to the de-escalation of crisis situations.

Ernst Ackermann, Senior Vice President, Swissport International

The didactical and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the document, along with the comprehensive text revisions, all provided by science communications, enabled Swissport to win a crucial European tender proceeding.

science communications GmbH