Reputation Monitoring

The media have a strong influence on the public’s perception of a company. In return, the company’s success is based on the reputation among its stakeholders. Building up a good reputation takes time and requires not only solid products or services and a modern corporate culture, but also careful communications. At the same time, reputation is extremely volatile and can drop quickly if the media coverage turns negative. A comprehensive reputation monitoring helps to detect and compensate changes early. Diachronically conducted content analyses of a company’s media coverage, both domestic and abroad, illustrate these fluctuations: Key factors like reputation and response are gathered on predefined topics and related to the company’s importance within the article. For our customers, the reputation monitor is also an indicator to evaluate a communication agency’s performance on a particular period of time.

In 2012, the Swiss ICT service provider expanded in various fields and attracted increased media attention. Monitoring the coverage in selected media allowed a detailed analysis of the perception of individual topics, weighted according to their resonance.

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