Spec Sheets

Example: iTrust AG, Cham and Widnau

Spec sheets deliver factual, detailed information regarding specific products or services in a compressed format. In particular when combined with the corporate brochure and case studies, these become a valuable communications tool.

iTrust AG, an ICT consulting firm, system integrator and software developer with offices in Cham (Zug) and Widnau (St. Gallen), wanted to present their products and solutions in a crisp, informative manner. We developed double-sided A4 sheets for each of the main products, containing short descriptions, technical specifications and testimonials from existing clients. iTrust’s sales force is now able to use these product information sheets alongside the company brochure and quotations.

Graphics implementation: Victor Hotz AG, Steinhausen

This is only one example for spec sheets. Please contact us for more samples.

spec sheet

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