Example: Hotel Bodenhaus, Splügen

A business card transmits the image of a company in a condensed form. The information displayed and omitted, the type of paper selected, as well as the logo and slogan reveal the quality of products and services provided by the firm. On behalf of our clients we develop such corporate designs.

Following a redesign of Hotel Bodenhaus’ brochures, the hotel’s stationery including business cards, vouchers and menus had to be replaced. The simple design of the stationery correlates to the corporate culture which always puts the sole focus on the guests. No ornamented decorations distract from their presence. The red reverse side of the card plays on the feature walls painted inside the hotel. For the reverse side of the menu we composed a short history of the traditional hotel and the mountain pass village of Splügen.

Implementation: studio libelula, Zurich

This is only one example for stationary. Please contact us for more samples.


Hotel Bodenhaus Letterhead

Business Cards

Hotel Bodenhaus Business Card

Menu Cover

Hotel Bodenhaus Menu Cover

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