Website Concepts

Example: Green Datacenter AG, Lupfig

Designing a clear, user-friendly website concept is a craft. It is influenced by work and life experience, knowledge of the relevant industry and an ability to think analytically and employ strategic planning. Websites need to be easily found, generate both interest and questions, provide substantial information, create an emotive impression and, increasingly, help recruit future employees. To ensure that all these elements come together, it is essential to first develop a comprehensive concept. This concept defines the goals of the company, how these goals can be achieved and how target audiences will be addressed. Keywords, key visuals, main messages, the desired tone as well as the content management system to be used should be determined early on. Subsequently a designer begins to develop a wireframe for the site.

The internet service provider sought to establish an independent web presence for its subsidiary Green Datacenter AG. We developed the entire corporate design, including logo, claim, slogans, image library (based on photo shootings with models) as well as all texts. For the main navigation we chose exactly those topics that companies emphasize when looking for data center space.

Technical implementation: ag, St. Gallen

This is only one example for a website concept. Please contact us for more samples.


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