Broad Range of Services

science communications is a slim and highly personal communications agency in Zurich. We often serve as a general contractor to provide a wide range of one-stop services and measures. We possess a broad network of external partners, such as photographers, and continuously increase this circle with partners with whom our clients have successfully worked previously.



Strategic Focus

A strategic concept and detailed planning – usually acquired through in-depth workshops with our clients – is the foundation of all our actions. We habitually assume the perspective of the end user – our client’s customer. At first this may sound obvious, but since the ultimate consumer is not at the table, their concerns can often get neglected.



Enjoying Complex Topics

We will only start implementing communications measures once we’re sure we’ve understood what makes your products or services unique. Writing about complex issues and making them interesting and understandable is our passion. To make sure that you get best possible outcome, every job we take on involves several different people.



Trusting Partnership

Most of our clients have used our services for a number of years. Often such a long-lasting relationship began with a stand-alone project. If you need advice and support during an ongoing crisis, we will make solving the problem and preventing harm to your company’s reputation our highest priority.




science communications has increasingly become the communications agency of choice for leading Swiss foundations. The agency also functions as the administrator of Luwian Studies, a foundation dedicated to researching the civilizations of the 2nd millennium BCE in western Asia Minor.