Corporate Design

Brochures, Product Sheets, Annual Reports and Tender Replies

Not all communication can be done online: many potential customers like to take something tangible with them after an initial meeting. As well as providing factual information, brochures, product sheets, annual reports and quotations communicate your organization’s values on an emotional level. In most cases, we develop the layout and appearance on the basis of an existing corporate identity. However, sometimes a client asks us to develop a corporate design from scratch, including the logo and the strapline.



PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint is ubiquitously present in business. Despite serious limitations, we believe the program is sufficiently flexible, and shouldn’t be blamed for aesthetic gaffes or mediocre presentation skills. We will work with you to first establish the content of your presentation and then design simple, emotionally appealing slides that support the words of the presenter. As these slides are interchangeable between different presentations, you will soon have an entire library of images to choose from. We will also produce notes for each slide to make sure that each presenter conveys the same messages.

A selection of our corporate design work: