Websites and E-Mail Newsletters

The importance of a corporate website cannot be valued too high. It helps positioning an enterprise, boosts sales and furnishes the recruiting of new employees – and it also needs to be found by search engines. It would be a missed opportunity to pass on a few texts and pictures to a web agency to ask for an attractive design. Instead, the website should clearly bring across the uniqueness of your enterprise – verbally and nonverbally. This requires careful analysis and strategic planning – and much attention to detail. We produce websites using internally available skills. Depending on the CMS of choice and the scale of the project, we may at times also consult external developers. If you regularly distribute e-mail newsletters, we will be glad to produce the content.




Videos cover a tremendous range, from a two-minute cellphone clip that spreads virally on YouTube through a corporate portrait or CEO interview on a company’s website, all the way to an elaborately staged commercial. Our services primarily focus on the middle of this spectrum. We create the script, compose the narration, identify suitable production companies and freelancers, get quotes, and accompany the shooting.

A selection of our web design, video and e-mail newsletter work: