Public Relations

Active Media Work

As experienced PR specialists, we know the Swiss and German media and the most suitable journalists in the daily and business media, trade press, radio and television. We can judge which topics could be interesting for each medium, and what facts can be turned into a good story. We accept no commissions, not even for arranging print advertisements.



Trade Press Articles, Advertorials and Media Partnerships

We ghost-write vendor-neutral trade press articles and place them in appropriate journals on behalf of our clients. With some trade publishers we also arrange long-term partnerships combining advertising and editorial coverage. If your aim is to present your own products, an advertorial may be the most suitable vehicle. But even in these cases we make sure that readers will truly benefit from the content.



Media Training

When you’re in the limelight, tiny gestures and statements can appear magnified as if they were under a microscope. For this reason we work with you to simulate media appearances in front of a camera, rehearse your answers to potential questions, and help you analyze your performance until you’re fully satisfied. You’ll immediately notice how good preparation boosts self-confidence and contributes to a positive outcome.

A selection of our public relations work: