Code of Conduct


Centris AG, Solothurn


Photos: Rainer Spitzenberger Photography, Munich

Layout: studio libelula gmbh, Zurich


Corporate Design

Copywriting and Editing


As an IT service provider to health and accident insurance companies, Centris processes highly sensitive data. It is therefore crucial to customers and business affiliates that Centris ensure that all its employees are reliable and fully trustworthy at all times.


Since reliability and trustworthiness should be more than mere buzzwords, Centris decided to issue a code of conduct in the form of a booklet. The goals formulated in this booklet are designed to provide a framework for existing employees and facilitate the orientation of new staff.


If it is to motivate rather than intimidate employees, a code of conduct has to be authentic. To facilitate this we illustrated the brochure with photos of employees in everyday situations.


Centris's code of conduct is a best practice guide that promotes team spirit among employees and makes it clear that it is each individual’s responsibility to have a positive impact on the corporate culture and contribute to the company’s success.

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