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“Klangvolle Stille” (PDF)

Architektur und Technik, November 2014


Manufacturers such as Girsberger based in Switzerland and Germany have to find ways of standing out from cheaper standardized products. Girsberger has therefore established a Customized Furniture business unit that provides architects with highly individual furniture solutions made of solid wood.


Editorial coverage in selected media is still one of the best ways to draw public attention to a subject. Attractive photos are, of course, indispensable when it comes to design solutions. We therefore aim to obtain excellent photos and combine them with an informative text that is made available on an exclusive basis.


When Girsberger received the order to furnish the former Benedictine monastery on the island of Rheinau, it was clear from the beginning that this would make an attractive story. Since Girsberger had photographed the production process, it was possible to provide the architecture magazine Architektur und Technik with highly suitable material.


Girsberger’s Customized Furniture business unit is the company’s fastest growing division and an important investment in the future. Editorial coverage in specialized magazines helps inform the target audience – in this case architects and interior designers – about Girsberger’s diversification into new lines of business.

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