Reputation Measurement

Client, Brugg


Public Relations


Since we began working with science communications, our media presence has significantly increased. The team supports us daily in all aspects of the press and communications work with wisdom and brilliance.

Franz Grüter, CEO,


Larger corporations receive so much media coverage that it can be evaluated statistically. By using as an example, we aimed to demonstrate how quantitative analysis can be used to determine a company’s reputation.


We took media coverage over one calendar year – several hundred online and print articles – and arranged it by topic. Our aim was to show graphically which topics trigger positive clippings and which ones were questionable.


Each article had to be read and evaluated in light of our criteria. The subsequent mathematical analysis was based on reputation monitoring methods developed by Prof. Kurt Imhof at the University of Zurich.


Histograms helped visualize the development of coverage during the year. Quantitative and qualitative evaluations of different topics became feasible.

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