Green Datacenter
Case Studies


Green Datacenter AG, Lupfig


Layout and print: Linkgroup, Zurich


Corporate Design

Copywriting and Editing


Case Study Nord Stream (PDF)

Case Study Hint (PDF)


Complex technical matters are difficult to bring across, and easily end up boring to read; except for prospective clients seeking specific practical information. Despite these difficulties, Green Datacenter AG depends on conveying highly technical information to potential customers to generate business.


Technical topics can best be conveyed using practical examples. We therefore created a series of extensive case studies for Green Datacenter AG.


Based on discussions with experts at Green Datacenter and its customers, we wrote reference stories devoted to a specific topic – for example the millisecond latency in data transmission for geo-redundant disaster recovery solutions.


Case studies and customer success stories are among the most effective B2B communication measures. Potential customers usually respond well to accounts of practical experience close to their own needs.

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