Green Datacenter
Logo and Strapline

Green Datacenter Logo and Strapline

Green Datacenter AG, Lupfig


Logo: Comzept GmbH


Corporate Design

Copywriting and Editing



When internet service provider built its first major data center for external clients in Switzerland, it decided to give this new line of business its own corporate identity.


Extensive data center space is usually acquired by large enterprises. Our aim was therefore to develop a corporate identity that appealed to decision makers at international companies.


The line of business is already specified in the company name, Green Datacenter. The company’s principal claim emphasizes its uniquely high standards: “Your first choice in Switzerland.” Anyone looking for data center space in Switzerland will find the right partner in Green Datacenter AG.


The logo, strapline, visual language, website, and brochure match seamlessly. Thanks to an appropriate corporate identity and extensive coverage, the datacenter business has blossomed without any other extensive marketing.

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