Hotel Bodenhaus
Marketing Concept


Hotel Bodenhaus, Splügen


Architecture: Hano Stäubli, Hirzel

Furnishing and decoration: Christian Felix, Zurich



We have successfully worked with science communications for over ten years. Both the concept and the appearance of our hotel were developed by this agency and realized jointly with us and other specialists. It did not take long before the occupancy rate of the hotel doubled.

Angela and Willibald Löschl-Burkhardt, Owners of Hotel Bodenhaus


Hotel Bodenhaus in Splügen is one of the oldest hotels in its canton. Like in other mountain hotels, business had been slow for a number of decades. In 1998 there was a change of ownership, and the new directors aimed to make the hotel profitable by upgrading it.


A new all-encompassing concept was urgently needed. We developed a number of options and recommended a return to the hotel’s historic values.


With the help of architects, lighting experts and interior designers an architectural concept was defined including materials, surface finishes and colors. The subsequent renovations, conducted over more than a decade, adhered to this concept.


Today Hotel Bodenhaus is a real gem, and extremely popular among the ten thousand or more guests who regularly visit. Occupancy has doubled to around 80 percent, even though virtually no marketing measures have been implemented.

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