Lenz & Staehelin
Corporate Design


Lenz & Staehelin, Zurich and Geneva


Prime Communications AG, Zurich
Photography: Rainer Spitzenberger, Munich


Corporate Design

science communications redesigned our corporate image. They were strong in the analysis and skillful in the implementation.

Dr. Matthias Oertle, Partner, Lenz & Staehelin


Lenz & Staehelin, Switzerland’s largest law firm, wanted to refresh its corporate design. The work included designing a new website and brochures.


Marketing for law firms is particularly challenging, since discretion is their top priority. To create a uniform, discreet appearance that would convey trust and confidence, we opted for portraits as key visuals and accurate copy emphasizing hard facts.


After a comprehensive competition analysis, we conducted a number of workshops, some including all forty partners in the decision making process.


The current corporate design emphasizes the strengths of the firm and makes successes visible in an unobtrusive way. The website and brochures have now been used for a number of years without needing to be changed.

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