SMA und Partner AG, Zurich


Layout: Eggmann-Design, Wernetshausen


Corporate Design

Copywriting and Editing


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SMA und Partner AG is a consulting and software company for railway system planning. As the first step in a sequence of enhanced marketing activities, SMA intended to create two brochures, one about the company and one about its Viriato timetable planning system.


We were anxious to produce more than superficial descriptions illustrated with pleasant pictures. Instead we strove to understand the essence of SMA’s highly complex products and services to be able to put them in a logical order and explain them vividly. Doing this required three half days of workshops.


In the end, we were able to develop 2.5D graphics explaining SMA’s services. The Viriato brochure presents individual modules and functions of the software and contains many screenshots. Both brochures are illustrated with photos of major European train stations to supplement the specific technical elaborations.


The brochures, published in three languages, were first introduced at InnoTrans, the International Trade Fair for Transport Technology, where they were picked up by several hundred industry insiders. Later we were able to utilize these messages, graphics, and photos for sales presentations and the new website.

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