Communication Strategy


SMA und Partner AG, Zurich


Graphics: Eggmann-Design, Wernetshausen




SMA und Partner AG is a consulting and software company for railway system planning. We had been contacted because SMA intended to implement a series of marketing measures, including two brochures, PowerPoint presentations, and a completely new website.


Over the previous 25 years, SMA had successfully delivered more than 2,000 individual projects. The company’s services and software products, however, are highly complex, which makes it difficult to convey them. Before we decided what marketing tools to implement, we wanted to understand and structure the range of SMA’s services and products.


It took three half-day workshops, each involving up to nine executives, to define SMA’s business segments and core competencies. We developed vivid 2.5D graphics to visualize the tasks assigned by customers and the solutions proposed by SMA.


The graphics that emerged from the strategy development process were later used for all marketing tools. Today, all SMA employees know their precise strengths and what advice they can offer their clients. Structuring existing information about the company also helped focus activities and coordinate service offerings.

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