Corporate Presentation


SMA und Partner AG, Zurich


Layout and graphics: Eggmann Design, Wernetshausen


Corporate Design


SMA und Partner AG offers IT consulting services for the design and optimization of railway systems. To introduce its highly complex products and services to prospective clients, staff kept producing PowerPoint slides and visual representations. At some point, consolidation became necessary.


In workshops with internal specialists, we discussed the content and main messages of numerous existing presentations. It soon turned out that the number of slides had become so large because people were seeking different ways to bring across the same key points.


After developing the necessary content and a logical order, a graphic designer created consistent 2.5D graphics to illustrate key issues consistently. To standardize messages we also produced notes for each slide.


Now the employees of SMA have a library of over one hundred consistent slides in three languages to choose from. The slides can be combined freely, depending on customer needs and the task at hand.

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