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Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich


Layout, print and bookbinding: Linkgroup, Zurich


Corporate Design


Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship addresses young postdoctoral researchers throughout the world. To recruit potential applicants, ETH’s connections to its 150 partner universities worldwide should be utilized.


We proposed to the fellowship’s directorate to first introduce the program to the presidents of partner universities. To do so we produced an elaborate book that prominently features the current fellows and their research.


Each fellow is introduced on a double page with a portrait photo and a brief description of their research project in English. The project descriptions are interesting for a mixed interdisciplinary audience. Each book was accompanied by a letter that had been personally signed by the ETH President.


With its high-quality production and eloquent descriptions of 27 projects from the forefront of research, the book emphasizes the uniqueness of the fellowship. Of the 412 applications which were received in 2015, almost two thirds were sent by researchers affiliated with partner universities.

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