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Press Conference


Society in Science – The Branco Weiss Fellowship, ETH Zurich


Public Relations


Entrepreneur and patron Dr. Branco Weiss contributed a large portion of his fortune to ETH Zurich, securing the financing of Society in Science, a fellowship he himself had founded and transferred to ETH a few years earlier. The ETH leadership wanted to let the public know about the donation.


Given the size of the nine-figure sum donated by Branco Weiss, it was certainly going to be talked about. We therefore worked with ETH corporate communications to organize a press conference. As the location we chose the HIT building at ETH’s Hönggerberg campus, since Branco Weiss had also donated the building.


At the conference, representatives of ETH and directors of the fellowship spoke, and a number of Society in Science fellows presented their research. The president of ETH and the directors of the fellowship were available for individual meetings with journalists.


The participants included all the major national print and online media as well as news agencies. The Zurich-based Tages-Anzeiger decided to make this a lead story.

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